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As a state-registered and Keystone Stars-enrolled daycare provider with six locations, we have been serving families in the Pittsburgh area for over 20 years. 

At Deakings Daycare we are much more than child care providers; we are an early care and education program involved in the overall development and nurturing of your child. We are committed to providing a clean, safe, nurturing,  and fun environment for your child to grow and learn in.

Many of our parents consider us an extension of their family because we believe it takes a village to raise a child. For us, cultivating the children is as important as building trust with our parents.

Our family-friendly culture is a result of our organization being owned and operated by the family of Jeffrey and Victoria Deakings.


Our Mission

"We will continue to establish an educational foundation for children with an open communication with the parents. We will allow our children to self-regulate and express emotions in a healthy way while feeling valued for their unique personalities. All children are treated with respect which helps them to feel competent and confident. We strive to provide a healthy and safe environment while enjoying excellent nutrition. We will also continue to teach morals and values in hopes that these teachings will stay with them throughout their adult life."

See our Parent's Corner for more information

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