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  • How are you handling COVID-19?
    Here is our COVID-19 Policy. ○ Daily temperature check for staff and families before entering the center. Hand washing and sanitizing upon entry The requirement of a face covering that covers their nose and mouth Sanitizing of hands when transitioning from one space to another Practicing social distancing when the space allows Reducing the number of children in shared spaces where social distancing is not an option Sanitizing of shared items and spaces as the children transition from activity center to activity center. o Sanitizing will be done in the playrooms after morning playtime and at the end of the day. Additional sanitizing will be done as needed. o The bathroom will be sanitized after morning entrance, after lunchtime bathroom break, after nap time bathroom break, and before closure. o The kitchen will be sanitized before and after all meal prep. o All surfaces will be sanitized with a disinfecting agent such as Clorox, Lysol, or any other CDC recommended/ state provided sanitizing formula. Should you or any household member have any of the following symptoms, we ask you to remain home and notify the childcare until cleared by a medical professional: Fever of 100.1 or higher Cough Sore Throat Muscle Aches Difficulty Breathing The household will be required to remain out of the facility for 14 days unless medical clearance is provided by a licensed physician, indicating that the presenting symptoms are not associated with Covid-19.
  • Do you accept subsidized payments?
    Yes. We accept subsidized payments through the Department of Public Welfare, Children, Youth and Families and Child Care Partnerships. While you may receive subsidy through one of these agencies, we expect that all fees and copayments will be made in a timely fashion.
  • Do I have to pay if my child does not attend or if the school is closed?
    Yes. You are paying for your child’s slot in the day care, not the child’s attendance. This includes scheduled closings such as holidays and scheduled vacations. You will be required to pay for emergency closings.
  • Is my child required to bring their own food?
    No. The daycare will provide up to two full meals and one snack per day (breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack).
  • Do you provide pampers and wipes?
    No. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide these items along with an extra change of clothing for infants and toddlers.
  • What should I do if my child is sick?
    Keep them home. Your child may return when ○ They are free of a fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for 24 hours. ○ They have been treated with an antibiotic for 24 hours. ○ They are able to participate comfortably in all usual activities. See your parent’s guide for full details

Want to speak to a staff member?
Call 412-441 -2423 OR contact us and a staff member will be in touch.

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